wind turbines in emergency situations

TESUP Turbines in Emergency Situations

Through wind, rain and snow TESUP turbines can be relied on to keep on going! That’s why an influential governmental disaster relief agency has decided to purchase a number of wind turbines from TESUP! When natural disasters strike they not only destroy homes, communities and livelihoods, they also disrupt infrastructure and electricity grids. This can make it very difficult to get help to the many people who need it in the wake of the disaster. Many of the techniques employed by disaster relief efforts centre around electrical devices such as portable, handheld radios.
TESUP Turbines in Emergency Situations
It is important for these lifesaving devices to be able to be charged at all times. Disaster relief agencies can set up temporary power stations quickly and easily by simply setting up a standalone TESUP wind turbine and charge controlled battery. These stations can be used to charge radios, batteries and phones, aiding in the rescue efforts!
Powering Lifesaving Devices
It is not only important to get people out of danger zones, but also to ensure they have a safe place to stay until they can get back on their feet. A portable power source such as a TESUP turbine can be utilised to create a semi-permanent power source for temporary accommodation sites. This can allow people to charge their phones to call loved ones or provide light sources by providing electricity even when the grid is down. Having locally generated power in a situation like this is a very helpful way of keeping people comfortable.
As natural disasters become more and more common and prevalent as the world heats up it is very important to be prepared for these unfortunate situations and circumstances. Having a source of power that does not rely on the grid can be helpful, particularly if the grid is unstable. It could be worth investigating the purchase of a turbine for your home. To ensure you have a backup energy source in the event of grid failure, natural disaster or not, providing you with heat and light through the tricky situation.
Wind Power and Natural Disasters
So far the disaster relief agency in question has been interested in the MasterX, AtlasX and Magnum 5 turbines. These are great choices of turbine for this application, their low starting wind speeds makes sure they can provide a continuous power source. With their high wind speed tolerance well suited to the sporadic nature of weather following large disasters.
These turbines were recommended to the governmental agency through the military of the same country who have hadexperience with using some TESUP turbines in the past. The TESUP turbines were deployed in a harsh desertenvironment to great success! Showing great durability and reliability in even these harsh conditions.
You can find these turbines in the TESUP store if you are interested in finding out more!
Disaster Relief Agency and Wind Turbines
When experiencing a natural disaster there are several stages to the rescue and recovery efforts. The first stage, immediately after the onset of a disaster, is the search and rescue phase. In this phase trained professional response teams and local emergency services attend the scene and make safe people who are in danger. This can involve days to weeks of searches for missing people. Communication between teams is imperative at this stage. A portable source of electricity such as a wind turbine is great for powering communication devices such as radios, as mentioned earlier, or a more permanent central communication hub.
Following this initial stage is the emergency relief stage. This involves providing victims of the disaster with enough care to keep them alive and well. Shelter, food, water and medication are key aspects of this stage.Temporary power is crucialat this stage to provide light, warmth and comfort to refugees. A small TESUP wind turbine can provide enough power to light a room, power a small heater or charge personal devices. This is particularly helpful given how quick and easy it isto set up this kind of system.
So How Else can a TESUP Turbine be Employed in an Emergency?
After this period stabilises to the point of which disaster victims are no longer concerned for their lives and survival, the early recovery stages commence. People who have lost their homes to the disaster begin to rebuild and recover. As the electrical grid is likely to be damaged at this stage, with repairs taking a long time to complete, an alternative source of electricity is a great kick start for a recovering family or community. This would usually be provided by a generator run on diesel or petrol. This solution can be noisy, polluting for the families and is overall not an ideal way of providing electricity.
As the communities rebuild into the mid and late-stage recovery, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power could be integrated into the communities, generating power sustainably without reliance on a national grid. This will provide a resilience of the communities in the event of a similar incident in the future, helping to save lives and create prosperous areas for people to live in. As you can see TESUP turbines would be a great help in some of these situations! Especially when implemented in an organised fashion by an emergency response agency.
TESUP and its customers
TESUP is very excited to be working with the governmental agency on such an important and impactful project! TESUP hopes to work on similar projects in future! This customer is just the most recent in an already long list of companies and universities who have purchased and used TESUP products. If you would be interested in working with TESUP do not hesitate to contact and join the TESUP community.